Friday, September 30, 2005

Monday, September 26, 2005

Shannon is 1

My parents and Meriel are here visiting. Shannon turned 1 yesterday. How fast time flies. It was a year ago I announced here that I was Aunty Pu. We had a barbeque at Pantai Panorama playground. Let me excite your appetite with the menu:

Pasta with meat balls in bolognaise sauce
Lemon rice (very Indian)
Mila's famous pork rolls with chicken sausage, egg and raisins
Barbequed Chicken wings, fish, squid, chicken and pork satay
Caesar Salad
Fried Pork Wantans
Rich Chocolate Cake from Strudels
Fruit Punch
JD Coke on the rocks

Another thing, my mom gave Shannon a new name. Shannon Lissa Chim Pan Zee. Lim Han Zi - get it? Monkey la she.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Days Are Long And The Nights Are Longer

My eye bags are spreading across my face. I got done with work at 8.30 pm last night. I remember swearing not so long ago that i would never do this. Here I am. You know what, it isnt half as bad as i thought it would be. I do still have a life. I went drinking in Bangsar last night- Bala, his colleagues and some visitors from Australia. Had Shisha to the moon and back.

Latest update: I may be adopting. Before your eye balls pop out of their sockets, i should tell you that it wont be a (human) baby but will actually be an 11th month old Jack Russell Terrier. He is the cutest. I fell in love with him instantly. How not to?Pray i get him. I do have to figure out where to keep him until i move into my own place and also how well he will get along with Punie's crazy-cat. I still want him.

I played pool. More shocking news. When your boss is standing there with a cue in his hand insisting that you play, can say 'no' ah? I sucked. Expected. Ha ha. We had some beers. It was all good. There is a Bowling Tournament on the 1st October. My department is sending in 2 teams. I am in Team 1: Rews Balls. Explain later.

My company shuts down for 5 days during Christmas so i should be back for a long break. Forced leave. Yay. I will be going to Langkawi mid October. A nice romantic getaway with the boy-boy.

Missing home. Drink for me occasionally. Yo, when in December will you be in KL?

Sunday, September 04, 2005


It feels great being of sound mind again. Clarity. Ahh…

Day 4 at HP Towers. I don’t have an anal Office Manager called Francis. Thank God.

What I do have—Carol; is a good-looking boss who seems TOTALLY your type (maybe yours too Yo) but I find out this morning that he is married. Oh well.

From today onwards, your dear friend Pu will disappoint you no more. Regular BLOG updates I promise. Internet at my desk. It’s all good girls (and boys).

I am seated at my own cubicle with my own IP phone and Notebook (ahem!). Free breakfast in the pantry every morning. And a coffee/tea/Milo machine. I really do think I’m going to like it here. Also, we have fusball machines and OSIM Massage chairs.

Guess what guys, yesterday (my third day at work) I left the office at 7pm. Two years at Power Project, the latest I ever left the office was at 5.30pm. And that was on ONE occasion. I don’t have a punch card. Woohoo. But I do have to take a 5minute-shuttle from my parking spot to my building. Not enough parking spaces within the building. RM7/day but fully claimable.

Four days and my colleagues seem nice enough. They drink. All I need to know really. Missing my beer sessions though. I will be meeting up with Jon this Friday night for his birthday bash. Venue not confirmed yet. Will drink on behalf.

Got my ipod shuffle, coolness. Did you know you could allocate how much space you want for data storage and music storage?

I will be apartment hunting today. Pantai Panorama is so expensive. Furnished 2-room apartments can exceed 2k. We are looking into an unfurnished place for 1.2k. Wish us (myself, the other Pu and Elaine) good luck.

Shannon Lissa Lim Han Zi is so funny. New monkey tricks everyday. She will be 1 years old in 19 days. Amazing how time flies. She can wave goodbye, say hi to everyone--passersby included, kiss-on-demand (real nice, long and wet ones complete with ‘mmmm…’ sound effects), stamp her feet, shake her head to the beat, dance, imitate construction sounds-drilling etc., make/copy a million+1 facial expressions. She has song preferences, her favorite channels are MTV and channel V. She calls her mummy—mama, her daddy—papa and her nanny—mimi. I’m not sure where that came from.

Oh, I do miss KK. I miss my home, my family, my Tao and Haze. I miss my buddies. It takes me 15-20 mins to drive to work everyday. No jam. Not bad. Also, my brother in-law will be getting his 3-series by this week, buy number ok: 6373.