Friday, December 04, 2009

She's Here!

I have been desperately anticipating Novita's arrival but when hubs informed me we were to pick her up from the agent the next day, I was anxious. I had not prepared her daily schedule. How do I begin training her? A stranger coming to stay with us. Would she be pleasant? She seemed decent in her profile picture. Would the babies warm up to her? She has two of her own so she should know how to handle little children, I consoled myself.

It's been two weeks since her first day and Kakak Novie has pretty much settled in our home. To my surprise and relief, the children did not take long to warm up to their new kakak. Elil is easily won over. Chase her around the house a little, hide from the monsters with her, read a book about animals and you are her new best friend. Nila however, not so easy to convince. She is fine for a while with Kakak as long as mummy is not within sight and earshot. But surprise surprise, today for the first time she fell asleep in Novie's arms. In fact, she's in the sling on Novie right this minute. It's a relief that I am finally able to have some time to myself. However, a part of me still wants to be the one to do EVERYTHING for Nila (and Elil still). It's me being insecure and possessive but we'll get into that another time.

I did not know what to expect from our new help cum nanny. I hoped I did not have to explain to her what Clorox Bleach is and how to boil water on the gas stove or how to use a vacuum cleaner. I've heard so many stories. Luckily, she knows how to handle most electrical appliances and is familiar with all the cleaning agents. She is neat and well mannered. Clean and gentle especially with the babies. My house is not as immaculately perfect as it once was. But this I have allowed deliberately. I tell myself, a home with 2 children is meant to be a little messy. So what if everything is not exactly where it should be all the time? Yes, I have loosened up. And for now it seems we have created a comfortable routine for ourselves.