Friday, November 26, 2004

holiday no more

Don’t you just love holidays? They are never long enough. I have been away for 12 days and this Monday is probably one of the worst ever. I am contemplating taking the rest of the day off. The capitol city has not changed much. The clubbing scene seems to have grown quite a bit since my last trip. I went to Bar Savanh with my B and Yo the other day, quite a nice place. They have sofa’s you can lie down on, very cozy. Pretty water features.

Didn’t do any shopping this time round. Too busy taking care of (and enjoying) the niece. There were a lot of sales going on apparently. Missed ‘em all! Yo, you have made me shoe crazy. Cant stop thinking of shoes these days. Shoes are so sexy!

I met Shannon for the first time. She is the sweetest little baby you have ever seen. Her cheeks are spilling out and she has a triple chin. Its so much fun just watching her sleep. Sometimes I want to pick her up and squeeze her till she wakes up. She makes the cutest little baby noises every time she wakes up. I love watching her eyes half-open, looking up at me drowsily. She is so damn cute. Her skin is so soft and smells wonderful. Can’t wait to have her in my arms again. She just started bottle-feeding. First time my mom tried giving her the bottle, the poor thing cried so much. After the longest time, she finally latched on the teat and then it was my mom’s turn to cry. Now, I know where I get all of my emotions.

I visited 2 people for Hari Raya, my aunt and a friend from UNITEN. Beef Rendang at my aunt’s was great. So damn good. The meat was so tender but not mushy, still firm. Didn’t have much to eat at the other place, the food was catered plus it was late in the day and it didn’t look too fresh anymore AND I was recovering from food poisoning.

Spent the day at my B’s house for Deepavali. The food was good and I regret not pigging-out more. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. No worries, I’m going home later to have a huge serving of spaghetti bolognaise. The time is 4.44pm and it’s a Friday, TGIF!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Papers Suck

You know everyday after reading the papers I tell myself that I will never read another one again. Yet every morning there it is on my table and I cant help but pick it up and flip through it, waiting to spot some stupid article that will piss me off. Well, today, yet again I find something that just makes me want to never read another paper again. Read the following excerpt (a guilty man’s defense).

Drunk Who Strangled Wife With Saree:

“ The accused who was tired and heavily drunk lost his mind as well as his sense of judgment, slapped his wife before suffocating her with a pillow and finally tying her neck with a saree” he said. He said, Ravinderan thought his wife who had then become quiet had gone to sleep and he went to sleep himself. “Only the next morning did he realize his wife was dead” he said. She was the mother of his 3 children.

“In his drunken state he has made a mistake that proved fatal” he added. “He made a mistake. We all make mistakes. But the accused is not so lucky as he must spend t he rest of his life paying for that mistake”

“He made a mistake. We all make mistakes.” What are they talking about here, murder or jaywalking? A mistake is when you run a red light or cheat on a test. Not even those. Mistakes are supposed to be unintentional, right? When you strangle someone (you supposedly love) AND suffocate him or her with a pillow AND tie a saree around his or her neck, that doesn’t count as a mistake. That is murder. No mistake there. And what’s this about him being ‘not so lucky’? Do we care whether luck is on his side? No! He SHOULD pay for it the rest of his life. And what is he going to tell his THREE children? “Sorry, daddy killed mummy, now there’s only your ‘violent when drunk’ daddy left to take care of you, OR kill you if you nag me about coming home late and drunk.” Oh, another thing, who goes to sleep while being strangled?? Oh yea, he was drunk (lost his mind and sense of judgment and all), I forgot. It’s an excuse for everything nowadays.

This defense seems like total crap to me but hey, it sure fooled the jury. He only got 12 years. For murder!