Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What are your values?

Sincerity? Honesty? Pride?
Status? What is in a name?
Is it the doing?
Or the being?
Individuality? Personality?
Power? Material wealth?
Physical beauty? Race?
Mutual Respect?
Religion? Faith?
The freedom to be? Fame?
Compassion? Empathy? Pity?
Unity? Truth? The truth shall set you free

Friday, February 15, 2008

Baby Stuff Are So Cool

Since baby was born shopping has never been the same! Never have I seen baby stuff the way I do now. So many cool and funky gadgets, baby outifts, hats, shoes, you name it la. Never have I been shopping without being tempted to step in a shoe store or browse through the racks of Zara or MNG or FOS. In any shopping mall, my first instinct is to walk into the first baby store and check out what they have. I can feel the tension from hubby as I am drawn towards the shop that reads 'BABY'. We don't need 90% of the things I have my eyes on but they're just so damn NICE. How to not be tempted? For example, how could you not want....

....this super cool Squirt Baby Food Dispensing Spoon? You fill the food up in the spoon and squeeze it when you want to refill the spoon. No more going back and forth between food jar and spoon. So cool when you're out and about. Damn it, I wantttttt. I found this online and the store only ships within the US/Canada.

....or how about these super funky bibs? They're made of neoprene which is the same material these use to make wet suits. Plus the little pocket thingy to collect crumbs and food bits is held up with buttons. Check out the cool colors!

....or how about this Snack Ball? Just dump your baby's snack in and twist the lid. It makes a fun toy too for the itty bitty ones anyway. How do people come up with such cool ideas? I wish I was creative.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Gong Xi Fa Cai - Happy year of the rat!

L - R: Elil, Daddy, Mummy
Hehe. Welcoming in the new year in my favorite colour. Red, red and red. We visited two families on the first day of Chinese New Year and that was about it. I still collect Ang Pow. On behalf of the little sweetie of course. Unfortunately I collect less than I have to give out. Actually, it feels good to give out. I spent the next few days just hanging with my two favorite people, managed to catch up with some recent movies, brought the angel swimming, spent some much needed quality time with the hubby. So that was it, my quiet and somewhat refreshing (for the most part) new year.

I have so been looking forward to seeing a lion dance but have been so out of luck. Its so quiet this year, there are hardly any fireworks. The few you hear are probably illegal and the guys burning them probably have the authorities at their doorstep collecting ang pow minutes later. What happend to the lion dance troops that used to come by the dozens to perform outside your house for a few minutes in exchange for a red packet? I miss the excitement and anticipation. And to imagine until I was about 10 or 11 I was freaked out by the noise from the beating drums and clanging cymbals. While my sisters, cousins and all the neighborhood kids ran into the streets at the very echo of a lion dance troop, I used to lock myself in the most secure room, furthest away from any windows or doors, plug my ears with cotton wool and cry. And cry. My heart would pound. And even after the lions were long gone, I could still hear the drums and cymbals resonate in my ears. Non-stop. It was haunting. I really hated it. Even hearing them on TV spooked me out. It was just the lingering noise though not the actual lion that got me all panicky. Until today, I am unable to explain why. I wonder if there are other people who were as distrubed by this as me....