Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Deepavali & Selamat Hari Raya

Half my department is gone for the holidays. Half of them are Indians. As I am one of 2 non-Indians/Malays in my department, my leave for Wednesday, 2nd November, 2005 has been rejected.

My stomach is a rollercoaster. My mind is in shambles. Tomorrow is a big day for me. Huge. Meet The Parents, again.

My partition is up and I finally have a room to myself. Bought a bed that comes with a side table for 374 inclusive delivery and assembly (delivery is only on the 12th November). Its not from Ikea. Got a closet from Courts Mammoth, of all the places (delivery after Hari Raya). Hey, it was nice and cheap and I paid cash, not the total rip-off installment thing they have going on there. And my queen size mattress is from Carrefour. Wait a minute, I didnt get anything from Ikea. Well, i did, bedsheets, quilt, etc. I will be getting my side lamp, rug and mirror from Ikea. Cant wait till I can put everything together. Yay. Nice dat. I am missing something very crucial in my room. A fan. I actually have 2/3 of a fan. You see, the ceiling fan was installed smack in the middle of my partition so what the contractor did was remove one blade. I have 2 out of 3 blades and a fan that I cant turn on. Was waiting for the contractor to relocate it for me yesterday, as promised but he didnt show. Thank God its been raining quite a bit these days. Another thing, my partition is made of gypsum board, which doesnt absorb sound very well. Hmmm... I gotta do something about that.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Me and my B on top of the world! Posted by Picasa

Francis John: 14th October 2005 Posted by Picasa

When Tuesdays are like Mondays

Tuesdays are actually worse than Mondays when its the first day of the week after a holiday. Especially when it was a great holiday. Damn it. I have a headache. So many things to do. Dont know where to start.

Langkawi was wonderful. I was super excited to go on this romantic-weekend-getaway with my boy but had no expectations for what Langkawi had to offer. Touchdown at Langkawi International Airport at 12.30pm. Rented a car, 2005 Honda Civic ('dats why'... boyfren a car freak). Drove, or shall i say flew to Kuah Town. Bought a JD, Bristol Cream, Bacardi and JW Gold Label. Had a quick and cheap lunch - chicken rice and fried kueh teow. Then we 'took off' to Burau Bay, which is on the other side of the island. At around 2.30pm, we checked into Berjaya Langkawi Resort & Spa. The concept here is similar to Gayana Island Resort (only difference is Gayana is nicer). There are several chalets on stilts along the beachfront and several hundred chalets scattered across the hills a 100 feet away. The beachfront chalets although several times more expensive were unimpressive. Unlike Gayana where the stilts are solid wood, the stilts here were concrete pillars and the chalets rested on them several metres above the water's surface. Truly defeats the purpose of having water chalets. The water is so far down, its scary. No nice water-all-around-you feeling.

Bala and i stayed on the hills. The chalet did not provide the 5-STAR comfort that i was expecting but it was simply comfortable. Minus the fact that our air-conditioner broke down TWICE. Crappy maintainence. The chalets are spread out quite far so they have shuttle vans that bring you from your room to the lobby. Quite nice. The swimming pool was beautiful. Typical resort style. Jacuzzi, pool side bar, waterfall, the works. Happy hour at the pool side bar is between 5pm and 7 pm. Drinks are 50% off. Our beers cost us RM5 each, and the cocktails only RM9. Holy crap!
The sand was decent, white and soft. The sea was a tad disappointing. A bit like Tanjung Aru Beach. Worse actually, there were sharp rocks on the seabed. Hard to avoid when the water isnt clear. Painful. We did have a good time lying under our personal gazebo soaking in the sun. Forgot to bring House Of Sand & Fog with me.
The weather throughout most of the days was sad. Late afternoons were nice and warm. Did not get much of a tan. Good also la. Part of the hotel package is we got free cable-car tickets. This was surprisingly quite an exciting experience, spectacular views. If you ever find yourself in Langkawi, i recommend you take the cable-car ride.
I played pool and sucked AGAIN. There are some things that some people are just not meant to do. Sigh. No, no, all it takes is practice. Next time you see me, i will be a champion pool player. Yeah.
My b has left me again. I am all alone. All i have left to do is have Klang Bah Kut Teh for dinner tonight with my colleagues. Yay.

Friday, October 14, 2005


Thank God Its Friday!

By this time tomorrow, i will be lying down on a white sandy beach, with a mug of a beer in one hand and the House of Sand & Fog in the other, waiting for the sun to set. I'm going to Langkawi. I know it doesnt sound so exotic or even romantic but it beats the hustle and bustle and thick smog of KL hands-down. Will be sure to bring an extra bottle down for the next 'girl's night out'. Yay.

No more beer sessions. Sob. Sob. My beer-gut-producing drinking sessions have now turned into sipping a couple of romantic cocktails and sucking at the end of a shisha pipe. Dont get me wrong, I truly enjoy it, its quality time with the boy. But sometimes I do miss the deafening noise (mostly from me, i know.), the laughing till your tummy aches, the unending sarcasm and the peoples stares. It was always a great feeling.

I received my business cards today, finally. Yay. I dont have to go around giving contractors a tiny piece of paper with my contact details written on it. How unprofessional.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Oh gawd guys, I really dont feel like working today. So hard to get myself out of bed just now. Bala stayed over. It was so damn good to see him after one week. I got myself a Punjabi Suit on Tuesday. Its cotton in a soft orange. The pants are hilarious. Hammer pants made for Heavy D. Its that time of the year where I have to suck-up and fake it. Smile. Smile. Look damn sweet and nice and 'perfect'. Its not easy. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. The things I do for love. sigh.

Meeting up with Francis John tomorrow night for drinks and maybe dinner, Bangsar probably. Has it really been 10 years? A decade since our library days Yo. Wow.

I attended my company's FY06 Kick-Off cum Team Building yesterday at Holiday Inn, Glenmarie. I think I had 5 meals. We spent the whole morning listening to directors/managers blab on and on about EBIT, NOA, ANOA, bla bla bla...boring! After lunch we had our Team Building, which was actually loads of fun. Got to mingle with quite a few VIPs. Im pretty sure I made a good first impression. Good.

I have moved into punes apartment, currently sharing a room. Will be getting my own room by the end of the month. We are going to build a partition between the dining area and living room. Cant wait to pick out furniture for my new room - Ikea, here i come! Guess what color its going to be. He he. My boss just walked in.