Friday, November 06, 2009

During my absence...

While I have been away, I have made many notes to myself on things I MUST write about. As I lay down at night (during those 2 seconds before I fall asleep), some experiences come back to me. This one in particular was truly a light bulb moment that I cannot not share with you. I am sure everyone will be able to relate to it in some way (regardless of your religion/thought)....

A visiting priest to HFK talked about happiness, about joy. He spoke of how happiness is the most intimate desire of every person walking this planet; of how very few people are able to say they are truly full of JOY. Father (I forget his name) quoted the words of a Brother (I forget his name) somewhere in Italy I believe who identifies 3 truly simple ways to be happy, happy all the way to the core. And here they are:

1. Have no attachments. Do not attach yourself to anything material. We all know THINGS can't ultimately bring us JOY. Although they are indeed fun to HAVE their shine will eventually fade. DO NOT ATTACH YOURSELF TO ANOTHER PERSON. Father says, "In freedom let go and in freedom they will return". Don't cling onto your husband/wife or your children. They don't belong to you.

2. In all things GIVE THANKS. Oh how this was a slap across the face. So many times I find myself asking God, "Why? Why couldn't You make it easier?Why can't it go my way for once?" And even though at the end of the day, many things don't go MY way. I try to accept that it went His way. And that I need to trust His way. Because at the end of the day His way is the best way for me. So in all things, give thanks. Be grateful for anything and everything. Be grateful for your shitty day, it could have been worse.

3. Stay close to God. Pray. Pray. Pray. Read the Bible. Something I really should but don't do. My prayers of late have been very simple indeed. I don't ask for much. I just ask for strength. And sometimes it's all you really need to have a good day, a good week. I ask to be able to love more. Even when darn it, some people don't seem worth it!

And so there it is. Easy peasy. Try it. Practice it. I believe you will find more JOY in your life and spread that JOY to the people around you.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I'm baaakk!

Oh my, I have been absent for far too long. Neglected my dear blogs. So much has happend since I stopped work. My home looks very different from my last entry. Still a slow work in progress but I do what I can. Elil has grown so much since December last year. She is a big sister now. She is my big baby still though.

I was thinking of how to begin with an update of the goings-on in the last 8 months. I dont know where to begin. So I have decided that I am going to leave the past 8 months of my life blank. Updates on Elil and Nila I will post in their individual blogs. Oh you can check out Nila's blog at Sweets For My Sweet . I have yet to upload her adorable pictures so please be patient.

Nila is the sweetest baby in the world. All smiles all the time. Such a joy to behold! I have been breastfeeding her exclusively for the past 6 months. Direct from the breast too. The milk bottle is a stranger to her. She has been on semi solids for a few weeks now. I started her off with rice cereal mixed with ebm. She now enjoys mashed banana and homemade apple sauce with a pinch of cinnamon. I want to give her avocado as well.

Another thing I do have to mention is that I have been maidless for the past 2 months! I realize that this is not your typical life and death situation. Afterall, many SAHM's are coping well with far more babies to love and hug, feed and nurse, scream at and spank occassionally.... Thing is, I have had Mon since day 1 and to suddenly have to manage a large home and 2 babies, one of whom is hyperactive and refuses to sleep and the other who needs attention round the clock (as in you need to sit and play with her all the time. CANNOT be left alone) is INSANE. I must admit though it was difficult in the beginning, were finally getting into a comfortable routine. However, my days are filled with the babies, so there is no time for house cleaning, other than squeezing in the laundry and dishes. I do not cook. We have got a part-time maid to do cleaning twice a week. I tried to manage the cleaning and cooking initially but figured it was too stressful and tiring, not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well. Screw the house work Pu! Concentrate on giving your kids the best of you! Ok so for now, all is pretty well.