Friday, July 30, 2004


A few days ago, i bought a 'controversial car-sticker'. Damn drama queen oh me. Anyways, i got it mostly because i like it and partly because of 'peer pressure' (if i can call it that). Even at 25, i cant say no. I decided against sticking it on my rear window because i was worried about what some, actually most people might think/say. Instead, i have a sticker that my mom gave me. Now, the 'controvesy' is sticking on a mirror in my room. I felt the urge to put it up somewhere, anywhere. I'm sure i got everyone wondering what the sticker says.

I am not religious,
I just love Jesus.

That's it. Tell me what you think.

A Quarter Of A Century

Damn it, I never thought I would be saying this at a ‘quarter of a century’ years old, but age is catching up (and dang fast I might add). I know all you 30 year olds are cursing right now but you know what, in 5 years I will be hitting the big three-0 and it’s not a pleasant thought. You know what, life is too darn short. Damn, dang, darn…hmmmm…I am not a happy woman right now. I have felt 18 since my 18th birthday. Denial. Recently, I don’t know what number it is I am feeling. A few days ago, I felt 21-ish. Now, I think I’m actually feeling my true age (sel, your fault). Not good. “ I don’t want to grow up, I’m a Toys-R-Us kid…” Today I realize that I am not young anymore. I ask myself these questions: Am I in my ‘prime’ or did my ‘prime’ just pass me by (and I didn’t realize it coz I’m too ignorant)? And what do I have to show after 9164 (yes, I actually counted. Including leap years.) days of living on this fascinating yet sometimes depressing world? Zilch. WORK: Work is not bad but it isn’t great. I can’t call it a career. No matter how many times I try saying it.  TRAVELS: I have traveled a considerable amount in my life but hardly have I experienced the ‘great travels’ that not so many years ago I swore to have.  FRIENDS: Lacking. A few very quality ones but nothing more. DIVING: One thing that I have been dying to do but never took enough initiative to actually do it. Another reason:  lack of funds. Haha…bad excuse. EXCUSES EXCUSES. You now what I am, a lazy pig and a PROCRASTINATOR! I am supposed to be alive and vibrant and active. Instead, on a Friday/Saturday night, you can see me curled up on the sofa watching the same show on channel 11 for the 10th time. How sad is that? Astro sucks.  Always I have this feeling inside of me telling me that I should be doing more meaningful, more exciting, more awesome things in/with my life. A night out for me would be a couple of beers in a tiny bar/cafĂ© behind my house. Should I be complaining? I don’t know. You tell me.

I am not afraid of death. Really! (Unless of course it’s a horrifying death with lots of blood and suffering. I can’t take pain.) I think I am more afraid of life (and what it/myself has to offer). It would nice if I could to live till a ‘healthy 80’, the least. Cheh. So contradicting oh me. (I guess you can be afraid of life and at the same time want to live real long. Console. Console.) Anyways, “Death does not concern us because as long as we exist, death is not here. And when it does come, we no longer exist.” I don’t remember who said this.

ps- My mom has asked me like a million times now whether or not Sprite goes with my Blue Sapphire (hint hint).    
      Even my mom knows how to have some fun. L Boo to me!

Thursday, July 29, 2004

McDonald's vs Burger King

Big Mac or Whopper?Whopper
juicy,onions n tomatoes, pickles, yum.

Double Cheese or Mushroom Swiss?Mushroom Swiss
tis wan very hard choice. i lurrve mushrooms.

Fillet-o-Fish or Big Fish?Fillet-o-Fish
creamy-asam sauce. so-so-soft bun.

Chicken McNuggets or Chicken Tenders?Chicken McNuggets
damn bes man the sauces. chicken tenders always over-done.

McD's or BK fries?BK
simply taste better.

McChicken or Chicken Sandwich?McChicken
i prefer my burgers round.

Coke or Coke? Coke.




Wednesday, July 28, 2004


I like Wednesdays. Mondays are always a drag. Tuesdays have bits of Mondays left in it. Thursdays are nicer than Wednesdays. But Fridays are the best. Im not sure why. I dont accomplish anything during the weekends. I still like the weekends though. Saturdays & Sundays go by too fast. Work is dull a lot of the time. I am becoming dull. I dont like BQ's. I do like whisky with coke though. I like whisky without coke. I like coke by itself. I like my friends. I am going to enjoy the bottle of gin i got for my birthday. I really sound like an alcy now. Doesnt do it for me anymore.  If there was one person (dead/alive) i could meet, it would be Socrates. Who do you want to meet?

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

To A God Unknown

I just finished reading this book by Steinbeck. It was moderately interesting. Im sure there were a lot of hidden meanings that i totally missed. Parts were confusing, parts pissed me off big time. I was really disappointed in Joseph.  And Rama too. Nothing seemed to bother or affect Joseph. That was extremely annoying. It was very religious, and deep, and moving. I didnt like how every character  seemed a little insane. For example, Joseph first worshipped a tree then a rock. However, I did like how Joseph was a lot like Jesus. How he could love so much and give up everything for what he loved. The only decent and normal character was Elizabeth. The ending was not what i hoped for. Overall, it was an ok read. Anyways, i would recommend this book to people who are in the middle of reading "The World According To Garp" and find it depressing.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

winner of the world's biggest idiot award

As flight AK107 (Air Asia)  lands after a 2.5 hour journey from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu the head stewardess announces to the cabin, " Ladies and gentlemen, we have just arrived in Lapangan Terbang Sultan Abdul Samad, Terengganu. Thank You for flying with Air Asia..." Everyone in the plane (being very typical of sabahans)  starts booing the poor woman and yelling, "oiii...sabah la...woiiiiii...sabah....boooo..." Hahahahehehehoohoohoo...THE END

ps-This is a true story

A couple go to a 'kadai kopi' to get something to drink. The couple want Milo. The 'a-moi' tells them, "Milo panas, satu ringgit. Milo sijuk, satu lima." They both get Milo panas. When the drinks come, the husband gulps it down real fast. His wife sips the Milo slowly. After a while, the husband gets real annoyed and says to his wife, " Woii...buli capat sikit kah, nanti mau bayar satu lima!"

ps-its funny, it really is. well, it was funnier when mariela told it. ;)


Ahem...ok. "Morning has broken, like the first mooorning..."